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Helping People in Kansas Seek Workers Compensation Benefits

Attorney Sally G. Kelsey brings over 32 years of experience to workers compensation cases. Her passion is helping injured workers like you seek the benefits you deserve. She can help you with the process and any challenges you face to obtain benefits.

What Do Workers’ Comp Benefits Include?

There are three main components to workers’ compensation. Each has laws and regulations that govern how they are applied. All benefits depend on a physician stating that the primary factor for the medical condition is the injury or condition you suffered in the course of your work.  If you have sustained a work-related injury, workers’ comp benefits can help cover the following:

Medical treatment

Kansas law entitles you to receive the necessary treatment to cure and relieve the symptoms of your workplace injury. Workers’ compensation can cover physical therapy, prescription medications and surgeries.  If the insurance carrier refuses to provide treatment, there is a hearing system available to ask a Judge to Order the treatment your doctor indicates is needed.

Weekly Benefits

In Kansas, you can receive 66.67% of your gross weekly wages while you are out of work recovering from your injury and in active treatment.  However, depending on your income level, the maximum amount you can get is 75% of Kansas’ average weekly wage. If the insurance carrier refuses to provide weekly benefits, there is a hearing system available to ask a Judge to Order those benefits.

Compensation For Permanent Disability

Once you are deemed to have reached Maximum Medical Improvement, you are entitled to compensation for your percentage of Permanent Partial Impairment, as reflected in a statutory ‘formula’  calculated using your Average Weekly Wage, the nature of the injury, and the percentage of disability as determined by a physician.  If your injury is so severe that a doctor indicates that you can no longer work, you could be eligible for Permanent Total Disability coverage, which is limited under Kansas law to a maximum amount, generally paid on a weekly basis.

Refrain from relying solely on the statements of the insurance adjuster to explain what benefits you qualify for and are entitled to.  Their statements reflect the position they are taking, and not necessarily a reflection of what you could receive from a Judge under Kansas law.  Contact Sally before relying on the opinion of an insurance adjuster about your claim.

Work with Sally G. Kelsey to Seek Workers Compensation Benefits

Sally is known around the Lawrence, Kansas area for aggressively and tenaciously fighting for the benefits her clients need. She is well-versed in the application, hearing, and appeals process. She knows how to effectively work and negotiate with the attorneys who work for the insurance carriers and employer.

Sally understands that when you can’t work due to an injury, it can put you under a great deal of emotional and financial stress. She will remain diligent to keep your case moving and update you throughout the process.

Feel at Peace about Your Recovery – Reach Out Today

Sally can help you apply for and litigate your workers compensation benefits. If you face any challenges in your efforts to obtain benefits, she can effectively steer you through the process and help you feel prepared and assured to manage any challenges that come your way.  Even if you are not struggling with your insurance carrier or employer, she can help you maximize your recovery and protect your future rights.

Sally is happy to assess your situation and provide advice or representation. Call her at 785-371-0536 to learn more about what she can do for you, or visit her contact page to schedule a free initial consultation.