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Lawrence Misdemeanor Charges

Attorney Sally G. Kelsey has enjoyed practicing with a strong focus on criminal defense for the past 30 years. She has successfully defended people facing criminal charges in both Douglas County Court and the Municipal Court of Lawrence. We handle a full range of criminal law matters.

Traffic Violation Defense

We provide efficient, thorough defense against allegations of traffic offenses. Sally Kelsey handles minor traffic tickets in nearly all other jurisdictions in the state of Kansas. We can assist you in amendments to nonmoving violations when applicable, often without an appearance, and consult with you about the possibility of plea, trial and diversion options. In many cases, we can represent you online and over the phone, so an office visit is not necessary.

Defending Students At The University Of Kansas

We represent students facing accusations of DWI, MIP (minor in possession) and other crimes. We can help you fight criminal charges and minimize the effects of alleged misconduct on your academic record and your future.

We understand that the decision to entrust an attorney with your case is a big one, and we take your representation seriously. Sally will work with clients to ensure that every facet of the case is reviewed and zealously pursue any available defenses.

Contact Us

Free consultations are available to anyone with questions about our practice, the criminal court process or the substance of his or her case. Appointments with Sally can be made on any matter, usually within two business days. Please contact our office at 785-371-0536 and take the opportunity to discuss your case with defense lawyer Sally Kelsey at no charge.

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