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Lawrence Criminal Defense Attorney

We provide a broad range of legal services, focusing on the areas of workers’ compensation, personal injury and criminal defense.

Workers’ Compensation

Sally Kelsey represents workers who have been injured in accidents and need to collect workers’ compensation benefits. Recent changes to workers’ compensation law in Kansas have made it harder for employees to collect benefits, so it is of the utmost importance to work with an experienced attorney who can help you maximize your chances of recovery.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured in an accident, dealing with your insurance carrier can be daunting, especially while you are trying to secure the medical care you need and get your life back on track. We can help you recover your financial losses and seek compensation for your injuries.

Criminal Defense

Sally G. Kelsey is an experienced criminal defense lawyer, protecting the rights and interests of people accused of a variety of crimes, including DUI, traffic violations and other misdemeanors. Our firm offers aggressive, knowledgeable representation at a reasonable hourly rate.

Contact Us

If you have questions about our practice, please call our office in Lawrence, Kansas, at 785-371-0536 to arrange a free initial consultation. We have a network of strong referral resources in the event that we are not able to help you resolve your legal matter. We are committed to helping you secure appropriate representation, whether with attorney Sally Kelsey or with another law firm.

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